Welcome to our newest Health and Human Services Committee member!

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Well that’s bold.

It’s “medical science” when he wants support for his argument and then becomes an “agenda” when it doesn’t. 
And why do we continue to give voice to those who spout nothing but inaccuracies and prejudice? The false statistic that he uses gives those who share his views more false talking points. 
I’m all for differing world views, but do we have to continually allow people like Gruenhagen a forum to offer up their hate? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. 

Funny thing … Growing up, I dont’ recall ever hearing of sodomy until I heard someone speak out against it. (Sodom, the city, yes, but those details were never discussed in church school.) If only they’d kept their mouth shut (which, actually, would inhibit one kind of sodomy), I might still be sodomically ignorant today. Thanks for poisoning my young, impressionable mind, Mrs. Anti-Sodomite!

Same here, noods. This guy’s a case.

@Cat: You’re asking the wrong people. Take it up with the voters in his district.

@Rat. Not really. There is district responsibility, but he’s now on the HHS committee that makes decisions that affect Minnesotans, not just those in his district. 
The guy clearly wants to promote and politicize his intolerance of those different from him.Because there are so many “Americans with an African heritage…” living in his district. 
Yeah, the problem is larger than what I really want to get into.