Andy Birkey at MN Indy gives us a bit of background on the newest member of the Health and Human Services Committee, and it’s more than a little bit American Voices from The Onion.  Rep. Glen Gruenhagen, who now sits on the committee that deals with our government run welfare programs once said this about government run welfare programs:

“Government run welfare programs are little more than a government subsidized prostitution program paying extra money to women who have children out of wedlock,” he wrote. “This has contributed to over a 70% out of wedlock birth rate for Americans with an African heritage. Also, welfare provides financial support to able bodied men instead of incentives for an honest days [sic] work.”

Additionally, he refers to pro-choicers as “pro-death abortion crowd” and sums up his assertion that alcoholism is not a disease and has no genetic basis, despite what those know-nothing scientists have to say, with, “By the way, you won’t get a DWI for driving with cancer.”  Oof. I won’t even get into “sodomy as an orientation.”