Vince Vaughn Gets Star on Minnesota Walk of Fame

Minnesota’s all time favorite native son Vince Vaughn is finally getting the local recognition he deserves!  Yes, Vince Vaughn was born in this fine state, and when his comedy road show stops at the State Theater on Saturday (with a set from Nick Swardson!) he’ll get a star on Hennepin Avenue.

9 thoughts on “Vince Vaughn Gets Star on Minnesota Walk of Fame

  1. Lilfry

    I love Vince Vaughn….but I find it stupid how MN is so quick to claim people who were born here and/or happen to know people from here, but have no futher interaction or association with the place. Vince is a die hard Chi-town boy and will always be a Chi-town boy.

  2. Rat

    @Lilfry: That’s just evidence you haven’t lived in too many other places. Because people with a local connections who move on to stardom are thought of and discussed the same way, pretty much everywhere I’ve lived without exception. 

  3. Rat

    That Swingers movie (“your money” “that’s money” I can’t reproduce it phonetically) was clever and entertaining for about 20 minutes. 

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