The Vikings are Straight Up Terrible

As much as we can agree with this guy’s shirt on FOX9, we can also agree that Sunday’s loss — and this team over all — is just horrible.  So terrible that the Vikings Sad Trombone should be about worn out.

12 thoughts on “The Vikings are Straight Up Terrible

  1. Rat

    Childress can lay claim to one thing: In years to come can say this about him: “Now that guy got CANNED!”

  2. baker

    Vikings fans never cease to amuse me. You guys made the playoffs last year, remember? The most short-sighted, impatient football ever here in MN! …trading a draft pick for a few weeks of Moss and scooping up a QB that’s just so tired, so very very tired. Just look at the empty seats in the dome at any game that isn’t going well–I guess it rubs off on the fans too.
    I LOVE IT! GO Packers!

  3. kwatt

    They’re only intrusive when they come here and make a news about something.  It’s okay for them to cover big stories. 

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