Target “Beyond the Bullseye” Documentary premieres this Thursday

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I bet they’re breathing easier at HQ knowing that the media carnival barkers and clowns like using surveying symbols for a bulls-eye on maps. But that name — Target — isn’t that provocative?!

while retaining the cache of an urban boutique… yeah, right.

we need to tone down the retail rhetoric in this state.

Really does Target need a fluff piece?  i really doubt they will mention that they only recruit people from the alma maters of the upper management or the fact that Minnesotan hires typically get treated worse than recruited college hires.  Or that to advance you basically have to swallow the Flava-aid oh and it helps if you’re sort of dumb.  Target is filled with B- students.

Do you boycott them, Dougie?

Nah, with the 5% off using my Target card some things are way cheaper than at the other grocery stores.  I don’t really buy anything that they make any money off of.  Mostly low margin groceries.

I’m happy I don’t live near a Walmart. So Target in the Quarry is a good substitute. 

There is a Walmart 12 blocks from the Target Quarry.  Hence you get comp shop prices at that Target,

Getting a Target card may turn out to be the most financially beneficial decision I’ve made in quite some time.   In addition to the 5-percent off, they’ve apparently reduced their prescription rewards from 10 fills to 5, which means I get to combine the two more often and get more 10-percent off days.  Also, they now randomly mail me coupon books full of coupons for things I actually use. The only downside is they gave me a $500 limit and won’t grant requests to raise it, saying instead they raise periodically as the bank allows.  It’s all enough to make me wonder how much I could have saved over the years if, the first time I applied for the card, they hadn’t mailed me a rejection letter citing their inability to verify my address. 

Target pharmacey? ugh. I quit using them. Too many lost prescriptions where my Dr had to resend the presecription multiple times, too many refills short the stated number on the bottle (once got only 30 for what was supposed to be 90), too many times where they were out and had to wait until their new supply arrived.
My only out of pocket is a $10 copay per Rx, and the pharm benefit pays the same whereever I go, so I now just go to the CVS down the road.