Strib Comment of the Day – Conspiracy Theorist Edition

Cruiseliner loses power. Experts say it can’t happen. Missle launched next day in same area.

Chinese cripple ship with advanced weaponry. Energy beam takes out all electricity. We shoot missle from sub surface submarine to show capability/muscle. More true than aiplane story. Can’t scare the masses. Must maintain control of populace. Look for more tension and read between the lines. It isn’t a plane, but if that makes you sleep better to believe that, that is your decision.

posted by parksoy125

Taken from this article about a mystery “missile” launch that has all the whacko’s coming out of the woodwork.

So who here thinks it was a missile?

I for one blame our new __________ overlords.

17 thoughts on “Strib Comment of the Day – Conspiracy Theorist Edition

  1. capt. rainbow horn

    Thank you for calling attention to our plight @ryanl
    Not many realize that as you humans mill about, attending to your daily business… a vicious war rages below the surface.
    For that past two years Unicorns across the globe have been savagely attacked during spring break by the vengeful Mermaid-Dolphin alliance.

  2. justpbob

    Either Lex Luthor launched that missile, or it was the Walternative. Either way, the target was a 5th Dimension wormhole.

  3. noodleman

    Some people have very vivid imaginations. In the old days, they’d write a novel about it. Now, they just get all weird and write about it on their blogs as if it’s for realz.
    Someone on FB got all paranoid because they discovered that their social security number COULD BE USED TO TRACK THEM FOR TAX PURPOSES … as if this was a some kind of new, sinister  revelation. Criminy. Are people drinking stupid water or something?

  4. noodleman

    Re: A submarine missile launch.
    What would be the point of using an SLBM launch to intimidate China at this time? We’ve been able to do SLBM launches, and have been regularly doing them, since the early ’60s with the launch of the George Washington class of nuclear submarines.

  5. capt. rainbow horn

    @ang we’ve been gathering intelligence- trading horn socks and redbull to our narwhal brethren in exchange for information about the whereabouts and movements of the undersea legion known as F.L.I.P.

  6. justpbob

    George Washington’s missile was legendary, if you catch my drift. Or perhaps it was revolutionary….

  7. Dougie_D

    So the Chinese decide on an act of force and cripple a cruise ship?  Wow they really do understand us.
    Do you thing they were behind the mysterious resort explosion in Playa Del Carmen that killed some Canadians?

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