Twenty-two-year-old Alex J. Wolters, of Faribault, pleaded guilty yesterday to stalking young Edina girls. Well, he pleaded guilty, but he still told the judge he was merely them for directions. Huh?

It seems to me the guy should have done a little more thinking before going to see the judge. Here’s the story:

Wolters was charged last May with four counts of stalking and four counts of attempted false imprisonment for allegedly trying to get the girls into his car. After his arrest, investigators found a partial roll of duct tape, a replica rifle used for firing paint balls and three condoms in his car, according to the complaint against him. Freeman said each item alone didn’t raise concerns, but taken together they were troubling.

Uh, yeah. And he claims to have been en route to a tattoo-removal appointment. Sure, these all seem like really essential things to have around for a tattoo removal.

Ok, let’s assume the guy really was lost. Why bypass the adults and go straight for the nine-and-under crowd, all girls? I’m guessing they don’t have tattoos, buddy. When asked why he didn’t call the clinic for direction, Wolters said he was out of cell phone minutes. But he was on the phone when police stopped him. Poor planning.

And if he was trying to get to a tattoo removal appointment, why was he asking the girls where Concord Elementary School was? And why was he asking them where the school was when the school was within his sight, just down the block? I mean, what does the school have to do with anything other than the fact that it means lots of young little girls around to lure into your car. Creeeeeepy.

Sad thing (yes, that’s my opinion!) is that Wolters will likely only serve up to six months in the workhouse, followed by a five-year probation and 10 years registered as a predatory offender.