Site Announcement: Secrets of the City joins Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, MNSpeak moves to Ciceron

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting announcement: Secrets of the City and I are in the process of taking up residence at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and, as a part of the move, MNSpeak will be transitioning to its own domain — and to tumblr — under the management of the fine fellows at Ciceron.

Through the rest of this week, as the Secrets brand integrates more and more with MSP Magazine, you’ll see some changes on this site, which will stay at this web address. Mpls.St.Paul Magazine editors will contribute news to Secrets of the City from their specific areas of expertise, including food and dining, arts and entertainment and local lifestyle. Later this summer will be re-launching with new daily content, including city news from Secrets of the City.

Also starting this week, MNSpeak will be moving under the watchful eyes of old-timer MNSpeaker, Andrew Eklund (aeklund) and Karl Pearson-Cater (bigboxcar) at Ciceron, a digital strategy and social advocacy firm in the Twin Cities.  Ciceron will be leading the charge for what the future holds for MNSpeak, re-imagining local content and conversation in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

I’d also like to extend a big hug to Kate Iverson who has for 3+ years kept daily Secrets readers up to speed the coolest events in town.  Kate will be ending her run on Secrets and continue her work as Creative Director of Permanent Art & Design Group, a full-service agency based in Minneapolis, and editor of l’etoile Magazine.

The new MNSpeak site is up in an early beta, but it’s ready for comments, user submissions, and re-blogging.

29 thoughts on “Site Announcement: Secrets of the City joins Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, MNSpeak moves to Ciceron

  1. Erica M

    Whoa! Okay. Congratulations! I’d like to know more about Taylor’s role at MSP Mag. Maybe that’s more of an over-beers conversation.

  2. aeklund

    Hey ya’ll!! So this could file under “be careful what you wish for”! A couple of weeks ago I lamented on Twitter that I missed MNSpeak. *lesigh… and now two weeks later, I’ve got the damn keys to the car. :) As most of you know, Karl is a mad genius in this world, and I’m keenly interested and involved in the flow of content, relationships, opinions, brands, etc. in our world — I see MNSpeak as a great way for this vibrant community to continue to redefine, rethink, and continuously invent better ways for communities to share ideas, rants, humor, Weiner jokes, and CIVIL discourse.
    But most of all it’s about sharing LOLCATS and sweet Lohan links.
    So much more to come, and I thank you for helping us make a new MNSpeak with keeping all the good stuff too.

  3. bigboxcar

    @mnblrmkr: No. If you pick one, pick Disqus — that mimicks the experience on Secrets-MNSpeak. I’ll post more about what tumblr brings to the MNSpeak table 1) when we know more about it, or 2) maybe there isn’t a benefit. For now, keep the conversation rolling with Disqus comments.
    @Max: I know.
    @Justbob: Welcome to Tumblr! Glad that worked.

  4. noodleman

    @bigboxcar: Looks like I already have a Disqus account, but I also found I have a largely unused Tumblr account I’d created some time ago under a different name. :O

  5. Erica M

    @mnblrmkr You can comment with Disqus without signing up for it. You’d have to put in your info every time, though.

  6. noodleman

    @mnblrmkr: One advantage is that Disqus is used for other blogs, so once you have an account it will be good to use across other blogs.

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