Secrets Studio Visit with Tim & Thom Navarro – Voltage Edition

Despite working on fashion, twin Brothers Tim and Thom Navarro only just recently opened an adorable boutique/studio on Lyndale called YOU and ME. Their colleague, jewelry designer Katy Schmaty, also provides products — and some great insight — into the overall collection. The brothers Navarro will be featured at this year’s Voltage.

View the slideshow here on Flickr.

Photos and interview by Kelsey Johnston

Secrets: Where are you guys from?
Tim and Thom: Rochester, MN.

Secrets: How did you get started in fashion?
Thom: I guess fashion was more of a means to make money. We started making costumes for friends, then realized we could charge other peoples friends more and we started making money. I then started to notice that people were wearing the costumes as everyday wear. I started throwing things together that I thought were cool. It just escalated it from there.

Secrets: Are either of you more production or design oriented?
Tim: Kind of both I would say. It usually starts where Thom gets the idea and then we both kind of elaborate on it or refine it.
Thom: As far as production goes Tim keeps us on pace. We always have a list of what we need to get done.

Secrets: Sibling rivalries?
Thom: Always.
Tim: It’s what drives the business.
Thom: We’re twins, the only relationship we know is sibling rivalry.

Secrets: What is it that you love about the vintage style?
Thom: What I love about it specifically is that to me it’s so timeless. Also, kind of effortless; something that looks so good you don’t even have to try you just put it on and it looks great.

Secrets: What is the best part about Minneapolis?
Tim: It’s so diverse but, no matter what you do you can’t escape the scene. It’s really interconnected but, it’s really random. You can go years with out seeing a person and they’re your neighbor.

Secrets: What’s your favorite establishment?
Thom: You and Me. (laughs)
Tim: I would say Lyndale and Lake, the neighborhood.

Secrets: Childhood dream career.
Thom: I always wanted to write and draw comic books.
Tim: I wanted to be a professional soccer player. (laughs)

Secrets: Where do you start with a jewelry piece?
Katy: If I’m doing a custom piece I’ll have guidelines to start on but otherwise I’ll see something and be inspired. It’ll be a certain stone or piece that I’ll want to use and I just go from there.

Secrets: What’s your role with Tim and Thom’s Voltage show?
Katy: I’m doing all of the jewelry for the womens wear.

Secrets: What’s the best part about Minneapolis?
Katy: It’s my home town.

Secrets: Do you have a favorite establishment in Minneapolis?
Katy: I live in Northeast so I love the vintage store Rewind. I also really like 331 Club.

Secrets: Childhood dream career?
Katy: I had a lot. I wanted to be a figure skater. (laughs) I wanted to be a fashion designer for a while.

For more insight into the Tim and Thom Navarro’s work, check out l’etoile’s profile on the designers. And find more details about Voltage on our events page.

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