Secrets of the City Studio Visit iPhone Wallpapers

We’ve been having a lot of fun with our Studio Visits, and thought “How else can we share these visits with our readers?”  So here’s our first installment of our “Wallpapers” series.

For this run we’ve picked some of the photos that will look pretty cool as a lock screen on an iPhone.  In the future we’ll also be doing desktop wallpapers, and maybe even some actual wallpaper for your home.

You can download all of this installment’s wallpapers as a single .zip file, or you can browse the wallpapers and download them individually here:

27 thoughts on “Secrets of the City Studio Visit iPhone Wallpapers

  1. DouglasG

    Don’t buy any technology where a committee has control over what you can and what you cannot put on it.  You should be the arbiter of what software is right for you.

  2. ryanl

    my cell phone progression:
    pager Kyocera brick >LG flip >Audiovox candy bar>SE T610 >Blackberry 7100> Blackberry 8100> G1> iphone 4
    Toss up between G1 and T610 for best phone of its day.

  3. TheOpie

    Hmm… I had the SE T610, then an SE W800i, then the first iPhone, and now the iPhone 3GS. Waiting to see what the next version brings. I loved SE phones back in the day, but they just weren’t able to keep up with the tech. Though both still work great, I used to use them as bluetooth remotes for my Macs until actual remote and mouse apps came out. 
    ryanl, is it AT&T’s service or just the tech in the iPhone 4 you find disagreeable? 

  4. ryanl

    Both, The service is the lynchpin but the phone doesn’t really do anything better than my G1 IMHO.
    Navigation or any google related service for that matter is way better on android. 
    Maybe I am slow but one for instance is adding multiple pictures as an attachment to an email.  If anyone can tell me how do do that on the iphone, I’d be greatly appreciative.

  5. TheOpie

    Open the Photo library, and go to the section you want, i.e. Camera Roll. Once your there on the upper right corner theres the icon with the rectangle and curved arrow on it. Tap that then you can select as the photos you want to email, then click the share button on the bottom left, and pick email. 

  6. TheOpie

    Yeah the email app is not their best piece of software, you should’ve seen it on the first version of the phone, it didn’t have multiple inboxes and didn’t support rotation. And I hate their OSX email app, I haven’t used that thing on my Mac in years.
    I think the idea is that they don’t want to give the impression that you can attach stuff from the email, since there’s no exposed ‘file system’ so you have to go to what you want to send, and the only thing you can really attach is a photo or video you’ve made. 

  7. TheOpie

    5 billion suckas.
    Do you know if the hotel is pager friendly?” What do you mean?” I’m not getting a sig’ on my beeper.” I’m not sure.” Is there a payphone bank? Buncha payphones? Business.” Umm, there’s a phone in your room…” That’ll work.” 

  8. Erica M sucks in all its incarnations. I find the gmail web app to be far superior. This is a super cool idea, Taylor. I also like <a href=””>Poolga</a> (art) and <a href=””>Tseventy</a> (photos) for wallpapers. They’re all just jpgs, so if your non-Apple-device can handle the dimensions, anyone can use them.

  9. ryanl

    @erica that pretty much sums up why I like android better.  I use a ton of google services and they are obviously implemented better on android.  That said analytics and adwords still blow on both platforms.

  10. baker

    Well, it worked fine on my last trip, but that was just to the dominican. But when I’m overseas, the last thing I would be doing is using my cell phone…and I don’t think GSM excludes roaming charges…

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