Online Petition: Fire Brad Childress

Via lolVikings, there’s now an online petition to turn all those angry chants into some real action.  But make sure you think it over, first.  Do you want another Mike Tice?

11 thoughts on “Online Petition: Fire Brad Childress

  1. justpbob

    There is an old saying that “we get the government we deserve.” Looks like the same can be said of football teams.

  2. Rat

    What do you mean?
    The coach doesn’t tackle, block, run or catch. But when team loses (even when it wins, it appears) he’s the one who gets it in the neck.

  3. DouglasG

    So, the coach has absolutly no impact on a team’s winning or losing?  The play calling (4th and 1 and NOT give it to AP?), the defensive schemes, the instant replay challenges (or not), motivation, etc.  None of those have an impact upon the game?  Interesting.
    That scene in the The Princess Bride where Vizzini is choosing the poisoned glass, is exactly like Childress’s offensive play calling.  “You are expecting me to run, so I certainly won’t be running the ball.  However, you could be thinking that I am passing, so I must not pass the ball.  But running the ball is what everyone expects, so I should be refraining from running the ball….”  Thus, he makes one of the great blunders of all times.

  4. g rote

    If I were Zybi, I would have interceded to save Randy Moss, fired Childress and promoted the (much beloved to his players) Leslie Frazier.  I then would have called a mandatory team meeting where I would have very directly addressed the players with, “OK.  Now you SOBs have everything you asked for. Captain Queeg is gone.  From now on this is about me and what I want.  Well, I want a Super Bowl, and I want it now.  Anything less and Leslie Frazier never coaches in this league again”

  5. Deanna Nickerson

    What should happen if everybody is on the same page is to let Chilly finish the season, continue to let Farve coach for the rest of the season and then hire him at the end of the year for the Head Coach.  I know that Favre could bring us up to Superbowl team in 2 to 3 years.  Just pay off Chilly for his incompetance and being out of touch with what is going on.  I know friendships mean a lot, but after Yesterday’s game the Receivers showed some coaching from Favre and I am sure Jackson is paying attention as well.  This is my solution to getting a new stadium and also getting together a Superbowl team to go into that new stadium.

  6. Deanna Nickerson

    Also the Viks need to train the defense offensively and the offense defensively.  Everybody is going to team efforts and cross training these days.  It straightens the whole team.

  7. Deanna Nickerson

    Randy Moss was not a team player and was very disruptive.  Until he remembers that he can’t just say whatever is on his mine and stop trying to be the “STAR” he will never been anygood to any team, even if he can read plays better than any one in the NFL.

  8. _taylor_ Post author

    “continue to let Farve coach for the rest of the season and then hire him at the end of the year for the Head Coach. “

    This is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard in a long time. 

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