Morning Link Round-Up

North of Mpls: incredibly detailed and awesome data about the Nice Ride program

Heavy Table: upheaval hits the Town Talk Diner

STrib: Gorillaz play Target Center, bring along Bobby Womack, Mick Jones and De La Soul

Switchblade Comb: line-up for the Minneapolis Underground Film Fest

PiPress: Brewster out as Gophers football coach, no real tears shed

The Peter O’Tooles: a visit to the Museum of Sex, pt. 1

35 thoughts on “Morning Link Round-Up

  1. moe

    I was cool with the Brewster hiring when it happened, because you have to start somewhere, and you just never know what coach will turn things around. And he had the personality to sell the program. It didn’t work, and now I’m glad they moved when they did, and didn’t drag it out to the end of the season.
    Now it’s just up to Maturi and the U to up the budget a bit and bring in a guy with either a proven record as a HC, or someone with incredible upside (Leslie Frazier).

  2. justpbob

    Once it became clear he wasn’t coming back next year, the best course was to dump him now. And by “dump,” I mean pay him $600,000 to just go away.

  3. _taylor_ Post author

    I was also cool with the Brewster hiring because it seemed like a new era for Gophers football.  When I went to the U it was shuttles to the metrodump and squinting to see if Laurence Maroney was staying warm on the stationary bike.  Now they have the new stadium and excited fans, but the front office needs a coach to build a program to go with them. 

  4. justpbob

    It’s 600 large, Moe. It would have been a lot more, but they changed the terms of the buyout when they gave him the two-year extension on his contract.

  5. ryanl

    Pure business.  They paid little for brewster because they knew the new stadium would draw crowds the first two years regardless.  Now that the stands aren’t full and he’s not building enertia towards winning…you’ve got to take your medicine.
    Athletics at this level is about money plain and simple.

  6. _taylor_ Post author

    On the Town Talk post, it’s sad.  They had a really good group of folks that launched that spot, I hope they can get a good chef in there.

  7. Rat

    I’m detecting a pattern in your restaurant dining experiences, Bob. You come back from a place and you say “not bad” or “it was OK.” Ever get the idea you might be searching for some kind of El Dorado of the restaurant world that just doesn’t exist, and perhaps settling on a handful of regular places might serve you better?

  8. mnblrmkr

    I thought it was $200K per year left on the contract. With the extension they gave him…
    But, here’s the Strib’s breakdown:
    • 90-day notice: $200,000 (one-fourth of his annual base salary and supplemental salary, both of which are $400,000).
    • 2011 buyout: $175,000 (half of his base salary, minus the 90-day portion of salary that extends into 2011).
    • 2012 buyout: $200,000.
    • 2013 buyout: $200,000
    Total: about $775,000.
    And it looks  like the non-football/basketball/hockey athletes are going to be paying the price:
    That figure, combined with the additional money that will have to be paid to lure a big-name coach, could threaten the school’s ability to keep all of its nonrevenue sports running.
    “That’s a good question,” athletic director Joel Maturi said when asked whether the school still could support all of its sports programs while paying more money for a football coach, “and obviously those are the kinds of things that we have to determine.”
    Also, when you add Monson and Mason to the picture, the U is paying over $6 million for these guys to not work for them. I wish MY failures could be so lucrative.

  9. justpbob

    I think you’re right, Rat. I’m a tough food critic. But for the record, I’m fond of the Neighborhood Cafe and Uptowner in St. Paul for their consistantly good breakfasts. One of may fav lunch spots is The Pink Flower, a Vietnamese joint in Mounds View. The St. Paul Grill rarely disappoints.

  10. kc!

    Bob, I agree about the Anchor being “not bad.” I’d go back but it wasn’t world changing or anything.  I’m pretty hard on restaurants too. And the last time I went to Town Talk, I would have also said, “not bad.”
    And to be positive, I love Quang, Bar La Grassa, The Craftsman (but haven’t been in since the chef change), Ngon Bistro, and Be’witched Deli.

  11. noodleman

    It’s interesting to read all of the restaurant gossip (and how so apropos is the name Town Talk?). I don’t read to keep score, though. It’s better entertainment than are the tabloids. Btw, I had some wonderfully delicious ahi tuna at Enjoy! in Apple Valley Saturday evening. Perfectly seared with a sesame crust, sliced, and served with a ponzu & wasabi dip. And pickled ginger on the side. The place was hopping well into the evening. Oh, and the Chilean vintage we enjoyed reminded me very much of a Bourdeaux.

  12. champs

    Employer: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    Position: Football Head Coach
    Type: Contract
    Compensation: competitive salary and benefits, lucrative buyout
    Duties and Responsibilities: Leading and mentoring young male athletes, pushing large rocks uphill, and taking the stink off of the corpse of Gopher football.

  13. justpbob

    Not a Strib comment per se, but a jawdropper just the same. A tweet from Rochester Post-Bulletin editor Jay Furst this morning:
    Amazing P-B Backtalk survey results: Are you concerned that Sharia law will replace U.S. Constitutional law? 847 people said yes, 285 no.

  14. justpbob

    It seems that the P-B survey may have been sparked by published comments by Arizona’s own Tempest in a Tea Party, Sharron Angle.
    I haven’t found the survey either, taylor. I’ll DM Jay to see if he can provide a link.

  15. _taylor_ Post author

    Sweet. Seriously, how amazing are those results from an actual survey at an actual newspaper?

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