Morning Coffee and Bailey’s

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The people at the Capitol lost their marbles years ago…

lol, nice

Who will cover the action if I say the over-under on artists in Minnesota will come out at about 3 million?

I predict Garry Keillor will get a MinnPost column after he retires.

Can anyone explain why changing the Home to Ho in PHC is funny? I understand it is supposed to be a joke or parody, but what is the joke?

@a reader. It’s not funny. It’s an old inside joke. MNSpeak tangled with Keillor a few years back. He got in a snit when Rex, I think printed a t-shirt that said “Prairie Ho’ Companion.” I didn’t make any sense then, either.

I know it’s an inside joke, but, what is the joke?

@rat, I sure hope it’s nowhere near that, because my guess was much lower and there’s $750 on the line. 

You’re just not a hipster insider, a reader.