Morning Coffee and Bailey’s

MPR: Garrison Keillor to retire from A Prairie Ho Companion in two years

Political Animal: new tax study shows wealthy in MN pay smaller share of income to taxes

KSTP: watch out for falling marble at the Capitol

MnIndy: Bachmann skips creating jobs to introduce “English is our official language” bill

State of the Arts: the Arts Boards wants to count you if you’re an artist

9 thoughts on “Morning Coffee and Bailey’s

  1. Rat

    Who will cover the action if I say the over-under on artists in Minnesota will come out at about 3 million?

  2. a reader

    Can anyone explain why changing the Home to Ho in PHC is funny? I understand it is supposed to be a joke or parody, but what is the joke?

  3. Rat

    @a reader. It’s not funny. It’s an old inside joke. MNSpeak tangled with Keillor a few years back. He got in a snit when Rex, I think printed a t-shirt that said “Prairie Ho’ Companion.” I didn’t make any sense then, either.

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