MN’s Property Tax Rate Increase Much Lower Than Mpls

Via Minnpost, here’s a bad beat for Minneapolis residents: while urban homeowners were up in arms this week at double digit property tax increases, the average increase around the entire state was at a historically low 2.6%.

7 thoughts on “MN’s Property Tax Rate Increase Much Lower Than Mpls

  1. Dougie_D

    If we would stop the socialist redistribution of wealth (taxes) from the prosperous liberal cities to rural counties this would not be true.

  2. noodleman

    @Dougie_D: Except that Minneapolis property tax collections don’t really that city, so I’m not sure where there is any wealth redistribution from them.

  3. Dougie_D

    I’m talking about the sales tax receipts and state income tax generated by people working in the 5 county metro area.

  4. noodleman

    @Dougie_D: Any extra fraction-of-a-percentage in sales tax the City of Minneapolis collects also stays within the city. At the moment, AFAIK, Minneapolis collects 0.5% of the 7.775% sales tax that is collected in the city. The sales tax in St. Paul, btw, is 7.625%.

  5. Dougie_D

    I’m talking about the state portion of the sales tax.  The metro area pays in way more than they receive back.  Are you intentionally being obtuse or are you really a fucking idiot?

  6. noodleman

    @Dougie_D: When you say “taxes” (as in “the socialist redistribution of wealth (taxes)”), and the topic posted specifically regards property taxes, but you meant to include ALL taxes, it might help to explain your original comment in greater detail. Just as with states, the Blue counties subsidize the Red counties.

  7. ann sutherland

    Ha ha. Your stupid comment was thrown right in your face “Dougie”. Maybe you ought to stop being obtuse and stating radically stupid comments. 

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