MN’s John Kline Becomes Key Figure for Education Funding

Two interesting reports this morning on Minnesota Representative John Kline‘s work as chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee in Congress. MPR talks with Kline about his work overhauling the very unpopular No Child Left Behind initiative, its corresponding education programs, and other federal regulations pertaining to education funding. The Minnesota Independent also looks into Kline’s work on education, but focuses on Kline’s efforts to limit regulations on the for-profit education industry and the corresponding increase in contributions that industry is giving to him.

18 thoughts on “MN’s John Kline Becomes Key Figure for Education Funding

  1. justpbob

    The amount of taxpayer money (both state and federal) that is being sucked in by these for-profit schools is shocking, as is their poor graduation rates, the worthless degrees they offer to unwary students, and the amount of student debt they leave in their wake.
    Thanks for nothing, Rep. Kline.

  2. Nancy

    Students are flocking to “for-profit” colleges. Enrollment in them is up 225 percent over ten years– to more than 1.8 million students.
    Some claim the “for-profits” saddle students with huge debts, and do little to get them jobs. As CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports, the federal government announced it’s cracking down on them.
    Last summer a Senate report criticized “abusive recruiting” practices and high rates of student loan defaults. Students at for-profit schools make up only 12 percent of all higher education students – but 46 percent of student loan defaults.
    Story and link to CBS broadcast here:

  3. noodleman

    Criminy. As sad as it is be to be taken advantage of by these sharks, it’s worse that the standard GOP solutions to anything are still “private sector” and “free market.” Hmmm. I wonder who has Kline in their back pocket?

  4. Rat

    Maybe Kline doesn’t have nearly as much love for these institutions of higher learning as he does for the campaign contributions. As for the students as long more information like this gets out there, the more they’ll learn that schools like these should be avoided. In the case of both Congressmen and schools its looks like a case of Caveat Emptor.

  5. kwatt

    For what it’s worth, as long as we’re talking about love of campaign contributors, the public school teachers’ union writes single checks 4 and 5 times the size of all the donations private colleges made to John Kline. Just some perspective. 

  6. justpbob

    Giving taxpayer money to privately-run schools is bad public policy, regardless of who is filling the pockets in Congress.

  7. justpbob

    …especially schools with a poor track record of repaying our investment in higher education.

  8. noodleman

    @kwatt: The difference, I suppose, is that Kline is chair of an influential committee. Also, Kline is unlikely to find post-public-service employment in a union office as easily as he can become a well-paid board member of some for-profit education company. Doesn’t it go against the grain of the GOP to even acknowledge any benefit a union has in the workforce or to society.
    John had better watch out for those sneaky union scum firefighters, carpenters, pipefitters, and letter carriers! They’re messin’ with his head.

  9. champs

    There are just as many nonprofits as there are for-profits chasing high-margin, low-quality students. People pay through the nose for MBAs.

  10. Rat

    The large company my wife works at paid for her Masters studies. Every dime of tuition. Every year employees have access to $5,000 per year to pursue education. Participation is low by most indications. 

  11. justpbob

    Rat: Not many places left like your wife’s employer. Good for them, and good for your wife for using the opportunity to go back to school. My wife is halfway through a paralegal certificate course at a local community college.

  12. champs

    Well the competition for law students is pretty much dead. Prospects for a female minority candidate graduating from a top five law school this weekend, i.e. my sister, are pretty grim.

  13. dreww

    Kwatt – What’s your point? I know the hypocrisy bit is your only trick but most of the time it’s a dud. Often, it makes you look like an idiot.
    Most for profit education is a complete sham. The students are stuck with a debt they can discharge in bankruptcy and a worthless degree – all backed by federal dollars. Kline doesn’t want to stop the blatent rip-off our government and citizens. Teachers have their own interests, no doubt, but they aren’t pimping an expensive worthless piece of paper on the backs of federal taxpayers.
    Kline’s positition is yet another example wingnuts’ primary economic policy – cutting taxes and creating shitty policy for the purpose priming corporate profits and increasing the wealthy’s already massive share of national wealth.

  14. Timm

    Kwatt’s here as an apologist for the political party that pays his salary. As such, he wants to change the subject. Just some perspective.

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