Meet Mr. Magoo, the tea-sipping mongoose of Duluth

From the Duluth News-Tribune, a real gem of a story. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Magoo, the tea-sipping mongoose of Duluth

  1. justpbob Post author

    If you look at the comment at the end of the blog, you’ll see that this story was the subject of a book, “The Duluth Mongoose.” That would make a GREAT name for a professional westler: Ladies and Gentlemen, in the black trucks, the Killer from the Chiller, the DULUTH MONGOOSE!!!!

  2. justpbob Post author

    The official Lake Superior Zoo website has another photo of Mr. Magoo examining a rather gross stuffed monkey, and making the claim it was JFK himself (RIP, today is the anniversary of his death) who pardoned the mongoose, not the Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Udall.
    They may be right. I believe only the President can pardon an Herpestidae on death row, whose only crime was being an undocumented alien.

  3. justpbob Post author

    I know! About a mongoose, no less. Still, if I don’t focus on the important things in life, who will?

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