DNR Looking for Legacy Amendment Logo

The Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment is looking for a logo design and it’s calling all artists to submit designs. The Department of Natural Resources asks that the submitted project designs encompass clean water, outdoor heritage, parks and trails, and arts and cultural heritage.

5 thoughts on “DNR Looking for Legacy Amendment Logo

  1. sornie

    I’ll second that. Spec work is just another way to further devalue all things creative. In the end, organizations running “logo design contests” get what they pay for.

  2. Michelle

      Very cool!  I will pass this on to my artist friends.  I already know a few people who will be interested.  Thanks for sharing!   

  3. justinph

    I am very much looking forward to seeing the trashy entries they get and hoping they have to use a few of our tax dollars to actually employ a professional designer. Logo design contests are bullshit.

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