Learn More About Arden Hills, (Potentially) The New Home of the Vikes

Here’s a confession: I had no idea where Arden Hills was. With the about the possibility of the Vikings relocating their stadium, however, the spotlight is shining on the Twin Cities suburb. To help everyone get a little more educated about Arden Hills, Newscut rounds up some fun facts and informational tidbits about the city.

12 thoughts on “Learn More About Arden Hills, (Potentially) The New Home of the Vikes

  1. kc!

    The only reason I knew where Arden Hills was is because I had to pick up a package at the UPS facility there once.

  2. Bill Roehl

    I will never cease to be amazed at the number of people who call themselves Minnesotans who know nothing about where they live.
    Transplants own you.

  3. ryan l

    It’s true if you remove snowmobiling the times I go across the river south could be counted on one hand.  North of 394 same deal. 

  4. Rat

    I think there years I’ve gone around the world a couple times, and didn’t park the car in St. Paul. 

  5. noodleman

    I’ve driven past the old munitions site many times during the past 20 years, as a short-cut on the way to points north. I can tell you, from simple observation, that in no way can the present road configuration handle the volume of traffic that would appear on a Vikings game day. I know I now wouldn’t want to be one of the residential homeowners who live right along Hwy. 10 there across from the proposed site.

  6. Rat

    The Rat’s alone this weekend, maybe he’ll take a little spin out to that area. Any place to stop for lunch, Bob?

  7. Rat

    Thank you. If I go, I’ll pay cash. Because if my wife saw a receipt she’d wonder why I was hanging out in a place called Pink Flower. Is there a dress code?

  8. justpbob

    I recommend the Curry Chicken. Unlike most places, the Pink Flower has lunch specials on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

  9. This is Your Mother

    I went to Arden Hills once, eight years ago, to meet with a very nice mortgage guy. Mission accomplished, I never returned.

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