Lawsuits Still Being Settled from RNC in 2008

The TC Daily Planet is keeping a running score on recent payments for lawsuits stemming from 2008’s Republican National Convention in St. Paul. So far plaintiffs have received separate settlements for a warrantless raid, being shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet, and having fliers and books seized in a raid and not returned. The payouts from local and national government add up to $82,000, which is or isn’t a big deal depending on your view of the shenanigans surrounding the convention.

7 thoughts on “Lawsuits Still Being Settled from RNC in 2008

  1. noodleman

    @Rat: Shortly after 9/11, I think. Not to worry, though, because Alberto Gonzalez told Congress in 2007 the Constitution didn’t even mention “Habeas Corpus” so move along now; nothing to see here.

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