Looks like Al and Tippy might have a little friendly divorce competition here on the local side. After more than 20 years of marriage — and 4 kids — Keith Ellison and his wife, Kim, have filed for legal separation.

Star Tribune columnist C.J. said the separation was filed April 29, confirming the filing with Ellison’s attorney, Carla Kjellberg.

“I am not representing Keith Ellison in a divorce,” Kjellberg said. When I corrected myself by describing the document as a legal separation, Kjellberg said, “That’s what’s filed.”

OK, now I think I won’t mention that Ellison is a Muslim and his wife has multiple sclerosis, because I can’t quite figure how these things are relevant ‚Äî unless her not being a Muslim and his not having multiple sclerosis are somehow the unrevealed cause.