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Meet Giesla Hoelscher of Inkblots Art, a local artist that does really amazing collage work from photographs she takes of some of our favorite local places and landmarks. Of course my favorite is the Celebration of Saint Paul, but all of them are gorgeous reminders of why we live here. She also has collages from around the country; Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New Orleans.

h/t to Paul Merrill of Stuff About Minneapolis fame for cluing me in.

34 thoughts on “Inkblots Art

  1. jane

    I’m all for people doing stuff they like and getting people to pay them for it. There’s a cool Uptown collage on her website. Okay, I’m down with her stuff. Though the Rat and Kwatt are both definitely right.

  2. noodleman

    What’s with the time stamp, man? This is not the east coast!
    It’s been that way for a while. Just wait an hour, and you’ll be all caught up.

  3. jane

    Thank goodness. Thanks, Ang! Okay, now back to the topic at hand: art that is jumbled up photos that an internet commented could have done in 3rd grade, and how to get paid for it.

  4. Ang Post author

    Oh come on, unless the 3rd grader has access to Photoshop, which maybe they do now. But these are lovely pieces.

  5. Rat

    “It sometimes asks you to think and explore.” 
    I don’t think in this case. You got some wall space? — fill it with this if you like it. 

  6. Rat

    Gotta couple draws full on my fly tying table in the den. It’s a geeky hobby that I don’t talk about much.

  7. inkblotsart

    Actually, noodleman, I know what all of those things are and have used them. I know what Rubylith is as well. I agree that knowledge of how to do things by hand has all but disappeared with computers and it is indeed a lost art. However Photoshop is a great tool and can be quite amazing.
    I appreciate the comment about the thinking and exploring. The art is actually more about the memories and the stories that the viewer brings to it than anything else. No deep intense meaning. Just connecting your story to the places you love in a unique way. I know it’s not for everyone!

  8. noodleman

    @inkblotsart: Hey, I dig Photoshop, too. (I also dig Windows 7 but can also use a Linux command line because I started computing back in the days of DOS. lol Having that “old” knowledge has come in handy more than once.)
    My comments were directed less at your work (which I see as paralleling Impressionism, FWIW, and which I like) than they were at the apparent lack of appreciation some folks have for the role Art has in a society. Sadly, artistic effort is more often than not now given the credit it once enjoyed because now “anyone can do it” with a computer.

  9. kwatt

    Whatever, these still look like just a bunch of photos melted together, like they were left on the dashboard of a car in the summer.  The whole is definitely less than the sum of its parts. 

  10. noodleman

    these still look like just a bunch of photos melted together
    Yeah, well, that’s kind of the idea behind a collage, anyway, kwatt.
    The whole is definitely less than the sum of its parts.
    Y’know what I see that’s interesting (at least on a relatively small computer screen)? The use of the individual photo “structures” (e.g., the Rotunda) as textural accents. Viewed small, and without seeing each and every  individual details (e.g. the Porky’s sign), the piece looks like it could have been painted as a watercolor.
    I think that’s neat.

  11. kwatt

    I’ve seen collages that I thought were really neat and displayed great skill.  These look like someone dropped an envelope full of photos in a blue mud puddle. 

  12. frank

    The link from Tumblr would only apply….if the art in question was MODERN ART – which it isn’t.

  13. Erica M

    Also, for the record, I enjoy Giesla’s work. She’s expanded her offerings quite a bit since I first ran into it at I forget which art fair. I think it’s perfect for a rec room type of space and the University-themed ones would make good gifts for grads/alumni.

  14. Cat

    Well looks like Giesela got a lot of people talking and I think that is what good art does it makes you talk and think. Chuck Close said he hated Jackson Pollack when he first saw his work and didn’t think of was worthy of being in a museum but then a few weeks later he was chucking paint at all his canvasses too.

  15. Rat

    “I think it’s perfect for a rec room type of space and the University-themed ones would make good gifts for grads/alumni.”
    Then, is it art, or merchandise? And let me say this. I see nothing wrong with high-quality decorative merchandise. And many times I see A Lot wrong with stuff that tries to pass itself off as art. 

  16. Wendt

    Art is subjective and in the eye of the beholder.  A soup label is apparently considered “art” by sone.

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