Hookah Owners Battling Their Bad Reputations

Via Bring.mn, The Daily has a highly entertaining report on the rise in use of hookahs by college folks, and the negative image that hookahs and their owners are trying to combat.

17 thoughts on “Hookah Owners Battling Their Bad Reputations

  1. justpbob

    In case anyone’s wondering, that is me commenting on the Daily story as MrE85. Old news. I owned a hookah when I was in college, and I’m sure  looked just as stupid smoking it then as these kids do today.

  2. Rat

    Looks like someone took you to task back in ’05 when you waggeled your finger at him and said Eat Your Filafil:
    “I am not a smoker. Indeed, my father (a life-long smoker) died of lung cancer. But good lord, statements like that make me want to start smoking unfiltered cigarettes by the carton, just to not be on the same side of such lame wholesomeness.”

  3. _taylor_ Post author

    my favorite part of the story is when someone walked by that college kid’s trunk and saw a hookah and was like “I have to call the cops!”

  4. Rat

    I took a few puffs on one about 10 years ago in Dubai with some friends just to see what it was like. Meh.

  5. Dougie_D

    A hookah lounge just opened in on 38th and Stinson what is now basically an abandoned strip mall.  Side note have gas stations ever closed at the clip they are now?  At least since they mandated installing the double lined tanks.

  6. justpbob

    Dougie_D, is on to something re: the gas stations closing. According to state records, more than 100 fuel stations closed in MN between July 2009 and July 2009. However, this trend closely mirrors the national economic downturn and likely has little to do with environmental requirements for underground storage tanks.

  7. Dougie_D

    I was talking about the mass closing of gas stations in the 80’s when the double lined tank upgrades were required, not some current issue.

  8. Rat

    In a diverse city like New York, you should be more tolerant to other cultures, don’t you think, Bob?

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