Holidazzle Adds Opening Night Fireworks

Target’s Holidazzle parade down Nicollet starts this Friday, the 26th with a new addition: opening night fireworks at 6:30pm.

Here are the numbers on the parade, btw: 350,000 twinkling lights, 13 floats, nearly 300 volunteers, and a whopping 300,000 visitors.

25 thoughts on “Holidazzle Adds Opening Night Fireworks

  1. kc!

    I hate Holidazzle. HATE IT. Beside being boring, it screws up traffic downtown, changes my bus route and makes walking through the skyways hard because of the people just sitting in them. Hate it.

  2. ryanol

    ah come on don’t be a Grunch KC just bring some peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate for after work.

  3. AP

    I’m sure you don’t enjoy anything that’s boring to other people KC. What is it that is really angering you?

  4. Rat

    I think KC was pretty clear in her personal objections to the Holidazzle. Why does there have to an ulterior reason?

  5. jane

    I cheerfully dislike Hollidazzle (and all parades, actually). I used to work 1/2 block from it, and now for 10+ years have worked 1.5 blocks from it, and somehow I have never seen the parade. (High fives self.) Wait, once I was late for Orchestra Hall and we had to dart across the parade. Shoot, I guess that ruined my record.
    Don’t mean to rain on the parade of those who like Hollihassle and other parades, they just don’t do it for me.

  6. Rat

    Oh, Jane, you don’t like it because your a cynical urban crawler who can’t see Christmas through the Holidazzled eyes of child. Therefore you’re angry and frustrated at the sight of such a heartwarming event. Obviously that’s why you perhaps unconsciously placed yourself in a position to disrupt the event. 

  7. kc!

    You know, if the parade was just one big parade, that would be fine.  Or just every Saturday night through the winter, that would be fine. But it is Thursdays and Fridays too. It is that is totally screws up the commute of anyone riding the 17, 18, 10, 25 or 11. You don’t know if your bus will be going down Nicollet or Hennepin. Bus riders are confused. It is hard to get around. And I don’t believe that the Thursday crowds are doing lots of shopping/eating to make up for the hassle with their tax dollars.  Keep it on the weekend.

  8. kc!

    And, I enjoy some of the most boring stuff: classical music, knitting, RISK, and embroidery, but none of those things disrupt traffic or need increased police presence. 

  9. jane

    I agree, Risk is terribly boring! BO-RING. I only played it once, and was glad when I lost.
    KC classical music isn’t boring! Esp the loud crash-y Beethoven and whatnot. Also, Orchestra Hall is a blast especially if you slam a glass of wine across the street before the show.

  10. Rat

    And if those guys don’t show up yelling “Play Free Bird!” Amazing they never get sick of that song. 

  11. _taylor_ Post author

    Risk is awesome.  We’re actually going to announce that we’re sponsoring a city-wide game with Twin Cities neighborhoods (Uptown is a territory, St. Paul is a territory, etc.) that we’ll play with Castle Risk rules and cards, etc.  If you have any creative ideas to divvy up Minneapolis and some of the surrounding metro, I’m all ears. 

  12. Rat

    Maybe I shouldn’t single out RISK. I just find most board games pointless and boring because there is no clear way to win and accumulate money. In the end if you win you’re mostly stuck holding a pile of worthless trinkets. 

  13. jane

    I like the social aspect of board games, but the one time I played Risk, it was with two very competitive people and they made it no fun at all. The city-wide thing sounds fun! (If you like Risk, which I still don’t.)

  14. kc!

    City wide RISK? OH. MY. GOD.  Exciting. So exciting.
    I haven’t actually played a live game of risk since high school since no one will play with me. Luckily I can play on my phone. I like all the drawn out strategy games including Acquire, Railroad Tycoon, and Settlers.
    And as for the orchestra, yes, it is really exciting to me. And to you Jane. Did you know that you can put in your intermission order before the show so your drink is waiting for you? Too bad the prices are so high, but I do love my intermission glass of wine.

  15. ryanol

    I am still juggling the logistics of a  full on scrabble party where letters are frozen in icecubes and each drink gets one letter cube.  

  16. Dougie_D

    Risk and cribbage are very similar in the fact that once you reach a medium level of knowledge of the game it dissolves into pure luck.

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