Hmong Village on the East Side

Hmong Village will open next Saturday at 1001 Johnson Parkway, giving St Paul their own sort-of Midtown Global Market. While most of the vendors are Hmong there will be Mexican, Somali, Thai and Vietnamese merchants, too. You’ll find local produce available in 35 booths, 17 restaurants and 230 merchant stalls offering everything from clothing and electronics to an arcade. The people behind the Village also hope to see it become a gathering spot and community center for the neighborhood. 

4 thoughts on “Hmong Village on the East Side

  1. noodleman

    @Rat: What’s wrong with that? Does every story about the MOA in the Strib mean lost revenue for the newspaper, too? Any business innovation story about a new 3M product should be bought and paid for by 3M? Maybe the Strib should start charging political candidates for campaign trail write-ups, because there’d one heckuva healthy revenue stream out of that every couple of years?

  2. Rat

    Awright. If I were business editor, I’d say: We’ll do one puff piece on the opening. The company sunk $3 million into the building. They must have a marketing budget.

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