Help Name the New Dolphin Calf at the MN Zoo!

The “spunky, inquisitive, bold, and sassy” dolphin calf born in July to dolphin parents Allie and Semo has yet to be named. Zoo staff have narrowed down entries submitted by the public to three choices. You can vote between Taijah, Sealie, and Marais on the MN Zoo’s Facebook page. This promises to be the least depressing election of the year, so get out and vote.

5 thoughts on “Help Name the New Dolphin Calf at the MN Zoo!

  1. justpbob

    Marias is a Socialist dolphin who will eat more than his share and refuse to live within his means, costing the zoo jobs and increasing the budget deficit in this taxpayer-supported institution.
    Sealie does not share the values all dolphins cherish, the ones our Judeo-Christian heritage have taught us. That is all we can say about Sealie.
    Taijah is the clear, common-sense choice. I don’t see how you can call yourself an American and vote for Marais or Sealie.

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