Give to the Max and Support MN Non-Profits

If you’ve ever even thought about donating to a non-profit, today’s the day to do it: GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day will give your donation recipient the chance to receive matching funds from corporate donors and other orgs.

Last week we asked for suggestions for one or two of the many non-profits to donate to, and we heard some great ones: the Urban Arts Academy, Person to Person, Open Arms Minnesota, Second Harvest Heartland, MN Women of Today, MN Youth Symphonies, Union Gospel Mission, Camp Fire USA Minnesota Council, and of course the American Lung Association.

And because today’s Give to the Max Day is pretty much a full blown holiday, there’s a ton of events happening around today’s donation festivities.  You can see many of them at the #gtmd2010 hashtag.

The Uptake is also doing a live telethon, hosted by Dr. Garry, aka master thespian Charles Olsen:

theuptake2 on Broadcast Live Free

15 thoughts on “Give to the Max and Support MN Non-Profits

  1. moe

    My wife works for Casa de Esperanza, one of the leading Domestic Violence agencies in the country, especially in the Latina community. Domestic Violence is one of those issues that people don’t really like to talk about, and when immigrant women are involved, the need for organizations that are reaching out are even more important.
    Times are very difficult for all non-profits, so Give to the Max is a great way for people to donate. Thanks!

  2. Lilfry

    Please support Centro Inc for GTMD 2010 today
    This nonprofit is the one of the leading agencies in Mpls-St.Paul helping out Latino and Chicano familes by providing human services and a Latino specific food shelf. They also have a wonderful early childhood program called Siembra and they could use all the support today to help fund/assist in the tuition for 2 young and bright students.  I worked for them and they are fantastic organization that do great and genuine work for Latino families…especially the KIDS!!!!

  3. justpbob

    I was going to plan a 24-hr “Breathe-a-thon” for this event, but then realized we already do that. Darn!

  4. teresa

    Urban Arts Academy is one of the greatest non-profits out there.  Stiltwalking, puppetry, fire breathing– I’ve seen kids creating such amazing things & it all free gifted & talented program for children living in poverty!!! Keep going strong UAA

  5. Courtneylaurel

    Where’s the Hallmark card? It ain’t a holiday unless there’s a Hallmark card for it.
    Speaking of full-blown holidays (with potentially awkward Hallmark cards),
    Happy Tabaski (tomorrow)! 
    And congratulations on all today’s donations!

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