Some of you may have heard that our editor, Cristina C√≥rdova, and publisher, Kristin Henning, are both leaving the country next month (not together).¬† Without them, I’m afraid that we (The Bartel Cartel) can no longer manage this site.¬† So we‚Äôre looking for someone to step up.

Aside from our most valuable asset, the crew of MNSpeakers who regularly post and comment, here’s what we have to offer:

  • MNSpeak blog and archives
  • Daily Secrets written by Kate Iverson
  • A list of 8,000 opt-in email subscribers on the Daily Secrets and Weekly Deals lists
  • The 5-year-old Theater All Year ticket program
  • An event and restaurant database with over 2,600 local venues (including 800 restaurants)

A few notes:

  • We don‚Äôt necessarily need a single person or organization to take everything off our hands.¬† We wouldn‚Äôt mind splitting off MNSpeak as a stand-alone site like back in the old days. ¬†The other assets are severable as well.
  • The email lists are only for sale to someone who intends to use them exactly as they are used now, for daily secrets and weekly deals.

ALL offers will be considered. Restaurant meals and plane tickets included. MNSpeak can basically run itself if there are a few people willing to write brief posts a few days a week. Like I said, I’m happy to keep hosting it for now. Whatever we can do to keep it alive. Leave a message in the comments or email matt at secretsofthecity if you are interested in more detail (current revenue, traffic numbers, etc.).