Flood Waters Surround Valley Fair Rollercoaster

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We should have a first ever MNSpeak gathering at ValleyFair this summer. I love amusement parks and rides and water parks.

OMG. Imagine the awesome splash that would be generated hitting some water like that while hurtling down the rollercoaster track. Suicidal log ride!

When that picture loaded, I thought it was of a collapsed structure. WTF. People ride that?

kwatt: That’s Renegade, a $6.5 million wooden roller coaster (purists say the wood is best) built about 6 years ago. Renegade stands 104 feet tall and drops 91 feet. It has a top speed of 52 mph. It’s 3,113 feet long.

If I owned an amusement park, I’d call it Bust a Gut.

Self-described purists try to make “truths” out of many subjective things, Bob. Character is all well and good, but wood can never play with G-forces, handle the speed, or do a heartline roll like other coasters. Steel is real.
Another example: pure it ain’t, but kids these days actually prefer the sound of dynamic compression in digital music to vinyl. I also don’t care about the regional authenticity of my consumables, so long as it’s delicious. I think we can all raise our sparkling wine glasses to that.

Me? I stay off the dang things. Life is scary enough.

@champs: Rollercoaster purists are much like vinyl audiophiles: They both prefer obsolescence. As much fun as a steel coaster is, wooden coasters all have that extra-special j’es ne sais quoi about them that (literally) screams “OMFGWEREGOINGTODIE!” Kind of like piloting a plane full of computers vs. piloting a plane by the seat of your pants.

No doubt that woodies are fun, but the thrills are on steel.

I thought it was odd that DHS (Department of Human Services) put the image out. They didn’t. I think MPR meant Department of Homeland Security but on the state level it’s with DPS (public safety), HSEM (Homeland Security Emergency Management), and SEOC (State Emergency Operations Center). I guess it was easier to borrow the Human Services acronym.
The photo is in this slide show at the DPSHSEMSEOC site.