Felony Friendly Housing in Columbia Heights/NE MPLS Area

Not sure if I am doing this correctly, so please forgive me. I only recently discovered this website.

I am wondering if anyone may be able to help me locate some felony friendly housing in the Columbia Heights / NorthEast Minneapolis area…????

I know about housinglink.org, and have looked on craigslist.com; I have googled and yahooed and binged more than you could imagine!

If you have any info or know where to get it, PLEASE PLEASE let me know ASAP!!

Thank you to those who will take this as seriously as I do. :) Have a blessed day!

4 thoughts on “Felony Friendly Housing in Columbia Heights/NE MPLS Area

  1. justpbob

    While that area is my old ‘hood (no pun intended), I don’t know. If we are talking about an RSO, you may be out of luck just about anywhere.

  2. kc!

    Basically you need to find a bad neighborhood and start going up to people and ask them about their housing. You will quickly find the vacancies with landlords who don’t do background checks.  Also, you may be better off over on the North Side than in North East.  Most likely, you are going to have to live in a crappy place unless you have a personal relationship with a landlord who will give you a chance.

  3. brianna_jo09 Post author

    Thanks for the help…..you all sound as hopeless as I feel!  :(   But…..I will remain hopeful!!

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