Fashion SCVNGR Hunt With L’etoile and the MIA

L’etoile has created a fashion-themed, city-wide scavenger hunt which will culminate at the MIA’s¬†Third Thursday with¬†MNfashion this week. The hunt uses SCVNGR, a free app for iPhone and Android users that sends you on a goose chase around town, performing challenges at participating locations and earning points toward your final score. The competition is ongoing, now until the event on Thursday, November 18, where the winner gets an iPad.

10 thoughts on “Fashion SCVNGR Hunt With L’etoile and the MIA

  1. TheHoltSteady Post author

    That’s if you’re a business and actually want to build treks and challenges using the SCVNGR app. If you just want to download the app and participate, it’s free.

  2. ryanl

    I am more interested in whether or not purchases are required at the locations. 
    I would assume proper form would be for them not to be required but to instead expose you to potential product purchase.

  3. Kate Iverson

    oops, just saw this. No purchase necessary! Totally free! No need to buy anything from the businesses OR to pay a fee to use the app. If you come to the MIA tonight there are multiple challenges there too. No trickery involved, just fun and a free ipad. :)

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