Don Shelby Retires. For Real This Time.

After announcing his retirement last May, Don Shelby will air his final broadcast at 10pm on Monday, Nov 22.

Just because he won’t be on the air anymore doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him. With 32 years of local-celebrity status and a reputation for being an “egomaniac”, he’s certain to find a way to remain in the limelight. The STrib, MNMo, and have all published profiles of Shelby to commemorate his departure. Any bets on how many Shelby montages there will be during his final broadcast?

8 thoughts on “Don Shelby Retires. For Real This Time.

  1. moe

    I’m really going to miss him, honestly. After that dorky guy on WCCO who spends too much time on the internet, Shelby is one of my favorites in town.

  2. Nancy Aleshire

      I was amazed by how good Pat Miles looks.  She looks better now than when she did the news with Shelby.  Has she had a facelift or botox.  I remember the problems she had with her eyes   Retirement must be good for her.  I enjoyed watching the memories.

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