Does Sports Memorabilia Sell Homes?

Former Gopher hoops star, NBA champ with the Chicago Bulls, Timberwolves announcer and philanthropist Trent Tucker has his townhouse at The Landings in the Warehouse District on the market.  A perusal of the photo tour shows includes his framed Bulls home and away jerseys (the shorts look a little short by today’s standards, but not Larry Bird short).  Is Tucker’s sports memorabilia going to help or hurt the sale or properties?

2 thoughts on “Does Sports Memorabilia Sell Homes?

  1. jane

    For me it would neither help nor hurt. That place is not my style.

  2. noodleman

    I assume all of the memoriabilia will NOT be included in the sale price of the townhouse. But I suppose if I were a sports or philanthropist groupie, just knowing the property once housed some sports history might impress me. But, nyah. Not my style, either.

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