Despite Recent Shooting, City Official Says, “The Worst Thing We Can Do is Avoid Franklin Ave.”

After a shooting last Sunday near the intersection of 23rd and Franklin, residents understandably expressed concerns about the safety of that area. 3rd Precinct Inspector Lucy Gerold issued a statement saying that the incident “was not random and is unrelated to other crime. A strong presence of good people going about their business and ‘owning the street’ greatly reduces the chances that the negative elements can operate on the street.”

9 thoughts on “Despite Recent Shooting, City Official Says, “The Worst Thing We Can Do is Avoid Franklin Ave.”

  1. noodleman

    People have a far greater chance of dying in a traffic accident than they do getting shot by a stranger. But that doesn’t seem to prevent people from driving around in their cars all the time, does it?

  2. Rat

    You’ve dispelled any possible concerns people might have in the Franklin Avenue area with that brilliant analogy, ‘Nood. Compared to driving in your car, Franklin Avenue is like walk on Primrose Lane.
    “Life’s a holiday on Primrose Lane.”

  3. TheHoltSteady Post author

    @Erica M, I agree. It’s a heck of an improvement from when people were getting mugged on the greenway at night and the city advised us to “avoid using the greenway at night.” Practical, yes, but it sort of misses the ball.

  4. noodleman

    @Rat: What would confuse me as an insurance actuary would be determining the odds of someone getting shot while driving which causes the car to jump the curb and collide with a tree or phone pole. I wonder if that’s ever happend on Primrose Lane?

  5. Rat

    An actuary must be a dying breed these days. Because under new laws, an uninsured man or woman could very well stumble out of the wreckage and into an insurance office and demand coverage before they’re taken to the hospital. 

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