Delta Seeks to Add 12 New Restaurants to MSP Airport

The Heavy Table follows up on Delta’s announcement that the carrier will add a bunch of new restaurants to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport that mimic some of the best restaurants and food in the Twin Cities. The list of potential restaurants/food consultants includes Heartland, Meritage, Matt’s Bar, and others, and Delta is also looking to add Dogwood Coffee and some Salty Tart treats as well. The deal has to get through the Metropolitan Airport Commission, but that group says they are excited by the proposal.

11 thoughts on “Delta Seeks to Add 12 New Restaurants to MSP Airport

  1. Rat

    Delta’s spending something like $2 billion upgrading terminals and inflight service. The food choices at MSP are good now, this could only make them better. This is sort of like the Terminal 2 at SFO project by Virgin America. 

  2. jwk

    Why put them in the secure areas?  Seems better to have them in the main terminal before the security checkpoints.

  3. cubbie

    because nobody lingers outside security checkpoints anymore.  you arrive early, get in line, and get thru.  once you’re inside you can relax and enjoy a nice meal.

  4. noodleman

    @jwk: As cubbie says. There just isn’t any room for much of anything else on the ticketing level except for ticketed passengers. (That’s true for most every terminal, too, anywhere else in the world.) Prior to 9/11, non-ticketed passengers had no restrictions preventing them from walking to the gates inside the security zone.

  5. jwk

    Most airports I’ve been to have a food court or restaurants in the public part of the terminal.  While there isn’t much space, there are open areas here and there, especially above the ticketing area in Lindbergh.  Just makes sense making a restaurant or two available for everyone.

  6. Erica M

    I love this plan.
    I was recently stuck at MSY (New Orleans) on a Sunday afternoon with damn near NOTHING to choose from. For the first time, I actually felt extremely grateful for the food options at MSP.

  7. Erica M

    I think whether it’s inside or outside security is neither here nor there. If you’ve got time, you’ve got time. Space at MSP is the bigger issue.

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