Controversy Erupts After Extremist Pastor Delivers MN House’s Daily Prayer

Whoops! Turns out the pastor who gave the prayer for the Minnesota House this morning was none other than religious extremist and avid homophobe Bradlee Dean. (Dean has, among other things, advocated for jailing gays, but has also appeared alongside many prominent local and national Conservative leaders.) Once word got out about Dean’s background, a storm of controversy followed. Majority Leader Zellers has since denounced Dean and apologized for allowing the pastor to do the prayer.

15 thoughts on “Controversy Erupts After Extremist Pastor Delivers MN House’s Daily Prayer

  1. Paul

    I love how the guy put on his Sunday Best to give the invocation: A track-suit jacket. Classy fella.
    MnIndy’s been following Dean for eons; it’s surprising — and pretty unbelievable — that Zellers et al didn’t know Dean’s background. Hell, the GOP gave his “ministry” a free table at the GOP convention, where GOP-endorsed guv candiate Emmer posed with the crew.  (After Dean’s line about executing gays, Emmer told the state’s biggest paper that he felt Dean and his pals are “nice people.”)

  2. mnblrmkr

    It wasn’t jsut his background that caused an ouproar. The “prayer” itself was in extremely poor taste.:
    “I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this Chamber and it’s not about the Baptists and it’s not about the Catholics alone or the Lutherans or the Wesleyans. Or the Presbyterians the evangelicals or any other denomination but rather the head of the denomination and his name is Jesus. As every President up until 2008 has acknowledged. And we pray it. In Jesus’ name.”
    It’s sectarian, it’s political, it’s everything an ecsumenical prayer is not supposed to be.
    You would have though that with the controversy caused by the Senate leadership inviting the Islamopohbic pastor from St Cloud earlier this session would have led to their more carefully vetting of who their membership invited.
    The fact that this virulently anti-gay “pastor” appears on the day they may vote on an anti-gay amendment they insist isn’t anti-gay is quite amazing.

  3. mnblrmkr

    Minnpost has the full transcript of the “prayer” and it’s a doozy. it starts with a bizarre speech and segues into a militaristic “prayer.”
    Another commenter elsewhere made the point that this sounds like a snotty 12 year old being forced to make nice with another kid that they hate.

  4. Erica M

    “it’s surprising — and pretty unbelievable — that Zellers et al didn’t know Dean’s background” – Yeah, this.
    I still can’t believe we’re opening sessions with a prayer (non-sectarian or otherwise). How about a moment of silence or something?

  5. Rat

    This isn’t the first group that Dean has surprised. He seems to have some history of misrepresenting himself.

  6. mnblrmkr

    “This isn’t the first group that Dean has surprised.”
    You can’t seriously buy the GOPs act that they’re surprised. Dean was exhibit A  in the Tom Emmer MN Forward flap last fall. Any GOPerr or their staffer that says they weren’t aware of who this asshat is is lying.
    I might believe the average voter might have missed Dean’s appearence in the MN Forward dispute, but no way no how did any staffer not notice.

  7. mnblrmkr

    what really surprises me is that they allowed him on the floor dressed like a East European mobster in his track suit.
    I mean, there were official objections when Satveer Chaudhary attended floor session in a  traditional Indian Nefru jacket*.
    (* that may have been  when he was in the state Senate, but I’m sure the House has a dress code too.)

  8. noodleman

    “East European mobster” might be a very apt description for the alleged religiousity of some of these jokers. “Gypsy” would also work. Might as well add “snake oil salesman” to the list, too. lol

  9. mnblrmkr

    well, damn. I guess it didn’t happen. Kurt Zellars’ Ministry of Truth has scrubbed this from the legislative record. I’m also told that they deleted the official video recordings of it too.
    Move alon.Nothing to see here.

  10. Rat

    I thought something disruptive happened at the state legislature Friday. Now, I can’t remember what it was. Must have imagined it. This creepy weather and talk of the end of the world. It all gets kind of jumbled together, doesn’t It?

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