If you’re coming to the page (versus you RSS only jokers), then you’ll notice we’ve made a few quick changes to the website.

There’s two main differences you’ll see.  First, there’s more white space all around and the content has been bumped up the page a little more.  Second, we’re starting to differentiate more of the “discussion-worthy” content for the MNSpeak heading and the Arts/Culture/Reporting/Writing content for Secrets of the City.

Those distinctions of course won’t be totally exclusive, but in the next month or two we’re going to be doing some more remodeling that will separate out the kinds of content on Secrets of the City and MNSpeak, and make them each more engaging (hopefully).  We’ll also be adding more kinds of content to the Secrets of the City side of the house, as well as some pretty cool events we’ll be posting, so be on the look out for that.