A quick note from Max “Bunny” Sparber:

You’ve probably heard of Steven Slater, the disgruntled flight attendant who responded to getting a suitcase to the head from an abusive passenger by cursing her out over the intercom, grabbing a beer, and then throwing open the airplane door and sliding away on the emergency slide. Here’s the story.

On the online discussion board MetaFilter this morning, I jotted down a quick bit of doggerel about the event [a song, of course]; four hours later, another member of MetaFilter had converted it into an excellent little Ben Folds Five-ish alternative rock ballad,
available for download.

There’s just no time at all between an event happening and it getting turned into a piece of pop music, I guess.

“Minneapolis’ own Max Sparber (of Dirty Curls fame) took to Metafilter this morning with a cleverly written ode to Slater,” states LOL/OMG!, “and four mere hours later, some other random guy took Sparber’s lyrics and transformed them into a Ben Folds Five-ish ballad.”

And Max now informs us that “The Ballad of Steven Slater” was just featured on CNN!