Bell’s Dedication Night at Buster’s

Tonight South Minneapolis hot spot Buster’s on 28th will be cheersing to Bell’s; from 6-9pm tonight it’s Bell’s Dedication Night.  The bar will be serving up Two Hearted, Best Brown, Bourbon Barrel Aged Hell Hath No Fury, Expedition Stout, Java Stout and a cask of Double Cream Stout, and you can also chat with their rep Jason Gillum.

13 thoughts on “Bell’s Dedication Night at Buster’s

  1. justpbob

    Butt out, Kalamazoo-based fancy suds! Drink local, MNSpeakers!
    I went to a kickoff event for the Living Green Expo at the Summit Brewery in Saint Paul on Monday. The taps flowed freely, and there was much rejoicing.

  2. Nick

    I’ll take Bell’s over most of the MN swill. There’s hope with Fulton and some of the other newcomers, but Bell’s is far too delicious to ignore. :)

  3. justpbob

    1,2,3,4, I declare a Beer War! There has been much talk on this site (and elsewhere) on the pros and cons of the “eating local” movement.
    Interestingly, I hear much less of a desire to “go local” when it comes to booze.

  4. Rat

    I could probably do a sort of drink-local thing with beer. I like beer, but it all tastes pretty much like beer. Don’t ask me to start drinking Minnesota wines, though. That stuff’s rank.

  5. g rote

    after spending 4 hours feeding branches that were victims of the storm Sat AM into a woodchipper, my neighbor handed me a cold Leine’s original.  my inner beer snob had succumbed to the sound and fury of the chipper becuase when I took a sip all I could think was, “wow, this is the perfect beer for this moment”.  on an unrelated note, I first met Larry Bell @ Nye’s Polonnaise c. 2002 as some beer geek fanboy was accosting him in the mens’ room.  It was awkward, to say the least.  also, next time there’s an event like this, I would appreciate more than 4 hours’ notice.  that is all. carry on.

  6. Jim

    Hey Nick, Fulton is made in WI. They definately have some sanitation and carbonation issues.  And the name of their beer is Sweet Child of Vine and Hops grow on bines not vines.  Ignorant!!!!!

  7. ryanol

    G  rote you’ve just stumbled onto why there are still Old Mud Pounders – Work beer doesn’t need all the pretty nuances of these here fancy beers. 
    In the summer if it’s really hot – I’ll drink the sh*t out of Grainbelt Premium or Coors Light or..after or during manual labor.  If you give that same Premium to me with a nice dinner in the middle of the winter, I’ll have a hard time choking down a whole bottle.

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