Granted, it was motivated by yesterday’s post about her Book Signing/Reading Rager, but I just have to share another Amber-Colored Life post with you today ‚Äî just because it’s about MNSpeak, of course (and the glory thereof).

Back in the day, when I was getting ready to move from northwest Wisconsin to Minneapolis, MN, I wanted to get an insider view of Minneapolis/St. Paul before I moved there, so I started visiting various local blogs and websites. One of the sites happened to be MNSpeak.

Of course! MNSpeak was special back then — perhaps it still it to some of us.

I LOVED MNSpeak. Over the years there’s been various articles and blurbs about it in papers and magazines, local and otherwise, about the stimulating conversation and illuminating opinions one can find on there. That was occasionally a nice way to say that if you wandered on there unawares, a kinder soul could get killed. You couldn’t be an idiot, and you had to know that there were people lurking in the background just waiting for the chance to stomp on someone’s ego. But if you knew how to string a basic sentence together, didn’t take yourself too seriously, and knew how to stand up for yourself when need be, you were pretty safe. Sometimes.


The thing about MNSpeak was that it was a community. It was before the inception of Twitter, and those of us who were a part of it were a part of it every single day, usually all day. The conversations and topics on there were alternately smart, challenging, hilarious, and infuriating. And I met so many people from MNSpeak – the majority of my current internetting friends were once fellow MNSpeakers – and I even got the opportunity to take part in Chasing Windmills via MNSpeak. The people on there can be harsh and I got my knocks a time or two, but that only helped me hone a thicker skin and a quicker mouth, so I’m actually pretty appreciative for it.

Ah, Chasing Windmills. Yes, indeed. We would have had an entirely different second season without MNSpeak, as we used it to recruit a most interesting cast of characters. But that aside, there was many an excellent conversation happening here, as well. So… uh.. thanks MNSpeakers! And thanks to those of you who have stayed on board throughout the years.