We don’t know what you were doing around 5 p.m. yesterday, but if you were a better person, you would most assuredly be listening to one of the five award-winning programs on KFAI. (Good golly, who says the alt-press lacks a sense of humor? All five? That’s. Funny. People.) In reality, you were probably listening to The Current, where you heard a poseur voice talking about a new website called MNspeak… wait, that’s us! If you want to hear Mary Lucia interview me, here’s an MP3 (don’t you dare fileshare that!). But of course you don’t care about us — you want to know what Mary Lucia is like IRL. Here’s all I’ll say: taller than you’d guess. Now that we’ve helped you, please repay the favor by helping us find KFAI on the dial.