Rock Me Amadeus

It’s funny when we link to the Pi Press site, cuz we can see every single one of you strain to remember your long-forgotten username/password for that site you visit approximately as often as meth labs get busted in Kenwood. Oh wait, that’s every day now? Nevermind! What was I saying? Oh yes, you should read the interview with Wolfgang Puck in that other newspaper, and watch him dance around the hard questions like “Did you shape the menu for Minnesotan tastes?”

One thought on “Rock Me Amadeus

  1. Carson

    My favorite question is “What will be the next great American food trend?” Hmmm… maybe Mr. Puck will pull out his crystal ball and tell us. I can only imagine how many times people must have asked him something like this.

    What kind of stupid question is that? And why the hell would you ask him that during an interview about his new restaurant?

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