Conspicuous Consumption

The Strib has a profile of the overlooked show Mental Engineering on TPT. The most famous episode of the advertising analysis program was during the 2002 Super Bowl on which Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead and Talk Soup host Aisha Tyler were guests.

Loop 2.0

The second episode of MPR’s The Loop (episode one reviewed here) aired on Friday. The theme this time around is transportation. The segment where a Critical Mass representative goes head-to-head with a Hummer dealer worked nicely. On MPR

Our pal Chuck Olsen of was on MPR’s Midmorning yesterday morning. Listen to the audiostream.

Condo Craze Hits Smallville

I grew up in a very small town — so small, there wasn’t a building taller than two stories, except the water tower. That’s why it’s shocking to read that the equally-sized Spicer, MN is debating a 14-story condo highrise. Quick math suggests that over 10 percent of the hamlet could end up living in one building.

Halloween Is Nigh

Peter’s post about the Hold Steady’s upcoming First Ave. appearance on Oct. 30 got me thinking about Halloween costumes too. Last year, I was a “spam filter” (a can of spam with netting around it — yeah, no one else got it either), and the year before I was the little yellow AOL guy. Keeping with the geek theme, anyone have any good costume ideas?