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Friday Open Thread

Congratulations, you made it to this very special Friday before a three day weekend!

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Reclaiming history, one headstone at a time, within the oldest Minneapolis cemetery. Austin Daily Herald: USPS to close additional post offices, including the northern-most PO in the US: 56711. (It’ll be a 65-mile drive to the next-nearest one.) Duluth… Continue Reading →

Max About Headshots

Today’s Max About Town topic isn’t necessarily specific to Minnesota but it’s hilarious and it’s technically my Friday so I’m taking liberties with the rules. And he does reference Tay Zonday and the Tron Guy so there’s that. Max dissects the… Continue Reading →

The Gay Marriage Ban Amendment: How Did It Happen?

There was a lot of politicking that happened in the weening hours of this year’s legislative session, and that includes the behind-the-scenes work on the bill to amend the state’s constitution to prevent gay marriage. Politics in Minnesota has a… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

MPR: Dayton and MN GOP at war (of words)! STrib: St. Paul Mayor Coleman has a big plan for funding a stadium in Minneapolis for the Vikings, bringing the T-Wolves to St. Paul, and taxing drinks across the whole state… Continue Reading →

Last Days of the Legislative Session: Following the Pizza

Nick Coleman and Chuck Olsen put on their Uptake hats and shine a spotlight on one of the most important people in politics at the end of a legislative session: the pizza delivery guy.

Surly Bill Passed by Legislature

Yay! One of the bills passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Dayton (one of the 32 bills, actually) allows Surly to move ahead on their brewery/beer garden/restaurant/beer lover vacation hotspot.

Your Morning Demitasse

MPR: Rescuing North Minneapolis’ blue herons in the tornado’s aftermath. Also: Raptor expert among the tornado victims. AP: Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty’s campaign kick-off. Grade: F. Salon: Why do Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann misquote the Constitution? AV Club: Some weird… Continue Reading →

Pawlenty Jokes That Rush Limbaugh is Buying the Vikings

Oh, official presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, you crack us up! While Pawlenty was on Rush Limbaugh’s talk show yesterday, Rush raised the issue of public funding for a stadium for the Vikings. T-Paw’s response? “The rumor is you’re gonna buy… Continue Reading →

Dayton Vetos GOP Budget, Move Creates Likelihood of Gov’t Shutdown’

Governor Dayton just used his veto pen on all nine Republican budget bills. GOP lawmakers contend that they balanced the budget through cuts and that the budget doesn’t need a tax increase, however, Governor Dayton saw the budget leading to… Continue Reading →