Grrrrl Power! 7th-Grade Tennis Phenom Plays Boys’ Varsity

[Strib] Rochester Mayo, helped by seventh-grade girl Ingrid Neel, who is playing boys’ tennis this season, knocked off defending Class 2A champion Eden Prairie in the quarterfinals this morning at the U of M Baseline Tennis Center.

Uptown Bar Owners, Residents Discuss Proposed Noise and Patio Regulations

Minneapolis City Council Member Meg Tuthill caused a storm of controversy when she laid out new late-night noise restrictions for her Uptown district. Yesterday both bar owners and residents voiced their opinions on the proposed ordinance at City Hall; Tom Horgen at the STrib went to the meeting and recaps the events, including Tuthill’s resolve to despite opposition from neighborhood bars.

Target Turns Concrete Barriers into Beach Balls, Causing Concern About Injuries

Well, that’s unfortunate: Target had to remove the beach ball decorations from the concrete barriers in front of their stores because of concern about potential injuries.

Your Morning Coffee

CBS Local: Jason interviews the new youtube fav “just learned to ride a bike kid”

MPR: State budget stalemate and politicking continues

KARE 11: I-94 buckles in the heat

PiPress: Hastings says ‘Those darn teens are back, turn on the anti-teen sound machine!’

STrib: The Ramsey County’s Charter Commission says voters should decide on tax increase for Vikings stadium

MN’s John Kline Becomes Key Figure for Education Funding

Two interesting reports this morning on Minnesota Representative John Kline‘s work as chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee in Congress. MPR talks with Kline about his work overhauling the very unpopular No Child Left Behind initiative, its corresponding education programs, and other federal regulations pertaining to education funding. The Minnesota Independent also looks into Kline’s work on education, but focuses on Kline’s efforts to limit regulations on the for-profit education industry and the corresponding increase in contributions that industry is giving to him.

Lawsuits Still Being Settled from RNC in 2008

The TC Daily Planet is keeping a running score on recent payments for lawsuits stemming from 2008’s Republican National Convention in St. Paul. So far plaintiffs have received separate settlements for a warrantless raid, being shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet, and having fliers and books seized in a raid and not returned. The payouts from local and national government add up to $82,000, which is or isn’t a big deal depending on your view of the shenanigans surrounding the convention.