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Com Truise DJ Set

com truise

Not just a clever name, Com Truise aka NYC producer and designer Seth Haley has put out some of the best slow-motion synth-wave funk of the last several years, music that resonates with fans of classic New Order and Cocteau Twins and newer Tycho and Poolside alike. It’s going to be a real treat to hear him spin some of his favorite music over the excellent sound system at The Exchange with a great set of electronic noise making openers tonight. 9 PM. $20.Ethan Blankenship 

The Exchange & Alibi Lounge, 10 5th St #B100, MPLS;

Reading: Cisewski + Dobbs + Erdrich + Moritz

moon palace

You don’t need an excuse to check out the new and wonderfully expanded home of Moon Palace Books, but just know that some of the bigger names in the local lit scene—Paula Cisewski, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Heid E. Erdrich, and Rachel Moritz collectively share dozens(!) of brilliant works, national and local awards, and fellowships—will be doing readings from some of their works-in-progress. 7 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS;

Aquavidt Week

aquavidt week

“Minneapolis is one of America’s best cities for aquavit.” Couldn’t agree more and couldn’t be happier about it! Tonight at Eat Street Social, join in the cross-country week-long Aquavidt Week. Meet some of the makers of the smooth pine-y Scandanavian spirit and hear more about their process from 5-7 PM, and then at 7:30 sample away with a special menu of aquavit-based cocktail—it couldn’t be better weather to warm up with a Swedezarec, could it? 5 PM. Free.Art Humes

Eat Street Social, 18 W 26th St, MPLS,

Books & Bars: The Annie Year

books bars

It warms our cold, bitter hearts when a truly talented Twincy author has a breakout hit, and breakout hit exactly describes The Annie Year, a wonderful and increasingly popular story that’s grounded in the mundane and eclectic lives of small town America. Stop into tonight’s Books & Bars to hear from the author (and Secrets of the City favStephanie Wilbur Ash‘s as she chats with moderator Jeff Kamin and attendees about her close-to-home tale a married CPA, a ponytailed vo-ag teacher, and exploding meth houses. 5 PM. Free.Hank Stacks

Amsterdam Bar & Hall, 6 W 6th St, STPL;

Burger Hunter: The Depot Tavern

The Depot

It’s the countdown to the final ever Burger Hunter, everyone’s favorite Secrets of the City feature! That’s right, there’s only a few more hunts left until Mike S. goes on an extended cleanse (as The Juice Bar Hunter?)! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s previous meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the Twitter.

It’s the holiday season because it’s December and now it’s cold. This hunt takes us indoors to the place where I’m almost certain there’s never Christmas music, The Depot Tavern. It’s conveniently parked next to First Avenue because they own it. Upon entry it’s kinda like you’re in a New York Music Scene Diner Bar Restaurant. And the dinner music is real good. But would you expect anything less. The staff has more style than all of fashion week combined! You feel like you’re watching some bad-ass scene from a movie, when actually you’re living it. Anywho, the Bacon Cheddar burger is a fine starting point. Meat is Angus. Seared up by chef hardcore. Hella juicy with a minor drip party. Bun toasted. Kaiser like. Eggy. Onion strizzle on top with the bacon is an OTP and that bottom caramelized onion ketchup sure likes to dance. More of a marmalade TBH. But Wow! Crispy and smooth and just a v perfect bite happening. This ones G’d up from its feet up. Comes with house-cut fries that are one notch too thick. Lots of stars outside, another star inside!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.3   Presentation: 8   Originality: 8

The Depot Tavern, 17 North 7th St, MPLS;