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Burger Hunter: White Castle

white castle

It’s the countdown to the final ever Burger Hunter, everyone’s favorite Secrets of the City feature! That’s right, there’s only a few more hunts left until Mike S. goes on an extended cleanse (as The Juice Bar Hunter?)! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s previous meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the Twitter.

It’s bar close and nothing’s open. You can probably guess where this hunt is heading. That’s right we’re in the drive-thru at none other than White Castle. Don’t act like you’ve never done this before. Ok everyone calm down so we can order. Four Sliders with cheese naked and a bag of nails. First off the bun on these little fellas is soft ah. They are the real soaker uppers that give this burger its iconic taste. The beef patties are not grilled but steamed over a pile of onions. As you can imagine the meat gets dominated by onion and renders that smell we all know from 50 feet away. I order mine without the O’s because they’ve been pretty much marinating in um. Topped with cheese and tbh it’s the only contrast you’ll get in the flavor on this ride. It’s so BOM bun onion meat that the cheese actually stands out. How I’m noticing these things at 2am is a miracle of its own. The Castle has been going strong for almost 100 years. That’s a longer stay than some of the original castles in Europe. Anywho the nails aka fries are crinkle cut, hot and all you’ve ever needed after a night of skulduggery. Now don’t make the mistake of ordering all the bizarre on the menu, especially at this hour. But if you do miss your late night crave, the next morning has you completely covered. Pro tip: White Castle serves a damn good breakfy. They actually crack the egg and use real toasters.

Scoredcard:   Flavor: 7.1   Presentation: 4   Originality: 6

White Castle, 608 Central Ave NE, MPLS;

Streets.MN Winter Festivity


Speaking of holiday parties! Go hang out with all the walk-ability and bike-ability wonks at the A-Mill and help support the great work of, who almost have enough raised to redo their indispensable local development/ land use website. Along with the drinks and mirth, in true fashion, the party includes interviews with city beat reporters from the newspapers. 5:30 PM. $20.Margeaux Devereaux

A-Mill Artist Lofts Club Room, 315 Main Street SE, MPLS;

Poetry Slam Grand Slam

poetry slam

The verbal maestros at Word Sprout and the brand new mixed-use spot Strike Theater have assembled eight heavyweights from the MPLS + STPL poetry scene to duke it out for the first spot on the Minneapolis National Poetry Slam team—and winner of the contest will be you, the audience member, who cozies up by the hearth at Kieran’s with a pint while the contestants let their competitive flows go. 8 PM. $15. —Margeaux Devereaux

Kieran’s Irish Pub, 601 1st Ave N, MPLS;

On Our Radar: Paling Around Twincy

tom petty ramones

Here’s some stuff we’ve got our eye on for the weekend. We’ll sprinkle previews of different happenings throughout the week so you can get as much lead time as possible. Check the On Our Radar page to see everything for the week in case you miss something.



Extra chill Top Shelf night with Sarah White and her friends, plus special guest Babyghost, returns to Tattersall Distilling. [FB]


Dosh and his friends have been playing Cedar show for 10 years now and you can help them celebrate. [TIX] Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band do a Tom Petty tribute (including some limited TP karaoke) and Barely Losing (Americana punk rock’n’roll from La Crosse) and The Grass Is Growing (4-piece bluegrass TP tribute) at the 331 Club. [FB]


Every new Public Functionary show is a cause celebre, and the upcoming show is Drew Peterson: Hurry Up and Wait and looks at the MPLS-based artist’s stripped down approach to screen printing. [INFO]

Quick Hits: Winter Spark + Book Shopping + Do Good Dining

Illuminate the “South Loop” during the Super Bowl

Everyone will be celebrating the Super Bowl in different ways—Metro Transit will be on strike, we’re going to Belize because apparently Tulum is too touristy—and Bloomington will be firing up Bloomington Central Park with some arts help from Northern Lights to bring “brilliantly illuminated art installations and performances, as well as bonfires, warm drinks, and regional favorites”. It’s like Winter Northern Spark, which actually sounds pretty fun.

Rain Taxi’s End of the Year Auction Extravaganza

We’ll remind you again this year that some of your holiday shopping can be done online with Rain Taxi’s year-end auction fundraiser. There’s a lot of signed books—Paul Auster, George Saunders, Werner Herzog, many more—and you can also get a Rain Taxi tshirt to wear to your next Lit Scene party. 

Dine Out for Midway Contemporary Art

Speaking of year-end funds: What Midway lacks in size it definitely makes up in cool factor, and we’re psyched to help raise some money by eating at Republic and drinking a special keg release by Bent Paddle. 15% of sales at the Seven Corners location on Thursday (Dec 14) go to helping the excellent gallery and library.