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Screaming Cancer

Some people are taking the moral high ground over KSTP’s use of reporter Kristin Stinar’s ovarian cancer story during sweeps week. But if you actually sit down and watch the video of a touching segment of Kristin telling her painful story…. Ha-ha, gotcha again. In reality, hearing lines like “Ovarian cancer doesn’t shout, it whispers” could get you so depressed that you run to the MN Gothling Forum for comfort. Big surprise though: ratings were good.

Self-Promoting Bloggers

We don’t know what you were doing around 5 p.m. yesterday, but if you were a better person, you would most assuredly be listening to one of the five award-winning programs on KFAI. (Good golly, who says the alt-press lacks a sense of humor? All five? That’s. Funny. People.) In reality, you were probably listening to The Current, where you heard a poseur voice talking about a new website called MNspeak… wait, that’s us! If you want to hear Mary Lucia interview me, here’s an MP3 (don’t you dare fileshare that!). But of course you don’t care about us — you want to know what Mary Lucia is like IRL. Here’s all I’ll say: taller than you’d guess. Now that we’ve helped you, please repay the favor by helping us find KFAI on the dial.

Voices Carry, Ears Bleed

Whose singing voice bugs the crap out of you? CHEEK riffs on Keith Harris’ bad singer article, daring to include David Bowie and Jeff Buckley. Ballsy! I’m a fan of The Arcade Fire’s warbly Win Butler, yet I could never stomach Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. But don’t listen to me, I actually like Yoko Ono‘s early stuff.

Vagina Brinkmanship

The young women who have been stirring up female empowerment in Winona and their vagina-booster-button-averse school administration have achieved detente. We have to raise an eyebrow at the compromise: the kids will be able to wear their “I (Heart) My Vagina” T-shirts and buttons on school property… but only during a rally around the flagpole. Ohhhh-kaaayyy. Feel free to share your own tales of students’ rights rebellion in the comments. Update: After the rally, two of the students were sent home after trying to attend classes while wearing the t-shirts in question. School officials rumored to be considering all-out ban on disruptive vaginas.

Lift ‘er, Pull ‘er, Hold ‘er Steady

“Minneapolis just seemed like the easier place to be creative.” That’s Craig Finn in a recent interview in which he talks about the Metrodome, public transportation, and The Hold Steady‘s new album, Separation Sunday, which was released today. In a show that will undoubtably sell out faster that you can hit refresh on, the band plays at The Entry on June 6.