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Geeky Eats-n-Drinks with Scoble

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s intrepid blogger and geek celebrity, is looking for dinner / drink buddies tonight. He’s in town tonight meeting with Target, who hired an artist to draw their meeting. Wow, they really are the Medici of Minneapolis.

Even MPR Blogs Are Sarcastic

MPR’s Bleacher Bums blog has a post about what the naming rights for the new Twin stadium could yield. Although the Hormel Chili Bowl has a nice ring to it, we really prefer The Roid Palace.

Musical Hat Trick

First there was Minnie Driver, who at least had a recording contract prior to her career as a professional actress. Then there was Juliette Lewis, who is trying desperately to stay relevant following her stint as an actress. Now we’re getting the man who got his ass kicked for every panda that refused to breed: Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars. He’ll be live at the Ascot Room June 14.

Loons on the Loose

These loons aren’t staying long, but if you keep a watchful eye around bar close, you just might spot a different breed of loon: The Drunken Minneapolis Male.