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The good news? A new local location for picking up indie filmmakers! The bad news? It’s in St. Paul. The new Center For Media Arts at IFP Minneapolis/St.Paul was created to help aspiring Twin Cities talent in the film arts through all stages of the creative process. (Strib story | MPR story.) Pay attention, people: they will help you get funding, training, equipment — might they even get Snowbate re-instated? But you’re going to have to cross the Mississippi by yourself. Opening party for the new facility is on May 7.

MN Daily Goes Onionesque

Ahhh, college. The kids at the Minnesota Daily always wrap up finals week with a satire issue, and this year they have turned the website into a Geocities parody, which feels like a joke from approximately 2.7 billion years ago. Usually, this final kiss-off issue is just a chance to make prurient jokes, but given today’s post-j-school climate in which the most sought-after jobs are as Onion writers, Daily Show producers, and Gawker interns, these pieces are practically resume builders.

Dex Doubles

Oh great, now there will be double the number of phones books lying around on people’s front porches that never get used. Seriously, does anyone use the phone book anymore?

DJ Danny Boy

Word on the street is that DJ-about-town Danny Sigelman is joining The Current. Danny, who will be filling in part-time, was once a Radio K music director and is known for stints with Mike Brady and Jim Ruiz. His first shift is the Sunday overnight — sucker!

District del Soul

Technically, Cinco de Mayo passed quietly (for me, anyway) into Seis de Mayo early this morning. But the holiday, named for the date in 1862 when the Mexican army routed the French, officially kicks off Friday night on St. Paul’s West Side (a.k.a. District del Sol) and runs all day today. The festivities open with a lowrider and hydraulic showdown. Even if the art of altered suspension doesn’t excite you, there will be plenty of food, music, dance, and corporate sponsorship. According to the District del Sol website, the St. Paul fiesta is one of the 10 largest 5/5 celebrations in the U.S. Here’s a chance to eschew Minneapolis in favor of its smaller, shyer twin. You also just might run into mayor Randy Kelly; make sure you show him your love.