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Get Yr Podcast On

Local net-maven Garrick Van Buren points us to Podcast MN – The Sound of Minnesota. As this PiPress article explains, Podcast MN wrangles a bunch of MN podcasts together into a homegrown online radio station. Music-heads, check out Jack Pine Savage and the excellent vinyl podcast. Why, you can even get woken up by a Minneapolis drag queen podcaster.

There’s an Upper-Midwest podcast meetup in early June.

From Russia with Minnesota Nice

The Russian Museum of Art (TMORA), located in the old Mayflower Church at Diamond Lake Road and 35W, opens to the public today. A project of area businessman and collector Raymond Johnson, TMORA is the only museum in North America dedicated solely to the display of Russian art. The Strib has the full story on the gallery and exhibits and the architecture.

Beer Money!

We would like to thank our first batch of sponsors on MNspeak. They include (for your local ticket needs), Ripshark (for turning your CDs into digital files), Flashbelt (for designers and developers who want a local Flash conference), Voltage (for your music+fashion penchant), and Drinking Liberally (for drinking with your Democrat friends). It’s a pleasure to have a cool group of sponsors backing the site. You can support us by supporting them.

Blogging Target

Following up on a post from last week, Microsoft’s blogger extraordinaire (no giggling!) Robert Scoble was in town last week to talk to Target about blogging. A thread on Scoble’s book blog contains an strange array of executives making suggestions on how Target could be better.

Low Feeling Low

The clubs were abuzz this weekend with the news that Low cancelled its tour because Alan Sparhawk is battling depression. Sparhawk, who was recently on Fresh Air, explains on the Low website.