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Imposters, Mrs. Doubtfire, and C.J.

Remember a while back when C.J. was tricked by a Robin Williams impersonator? According to Celebrity Justice, Robin Williams is suing the impersonator. In the story, C.J. takes the credit for blowing the cover of this dangerous masked man: “I thought people should know that this guy was out pretending he’s Robin Williams.” I don’t know about you, but from now on when I think of C.J., I’ll think one word: justice.

1 Condo, 2 Condo, 3 Condo, BOOM!

Right now the downtown condo boom is g-g-golden for developers and urban dwellers alike — but is it too good to be true? This Pi Press piece throws out caution by reporting supply may outpace demand. The Skyway News “Condo Pipeline” is stating a similar theme. What can we do?! We need to preserve this development boom one condo at a time. Dig deep my friends and buy, buy, BUY. We need shiny-happy people occupying our downtowns — and a Starbucks on every corner!


Can you believe the whole week went by without even one Whizzinator joke here? First Onterrio Smith, and now Congress is getting involved — and if you listened to KFAN at all this week, it was Whizzinator 24-7.

Nodak Mourns

It’s difficult to compare Ralph’s Bar in Moorhead to anything that Minneapolitans can appreciate — imagine a pub that is something like a cross between and The CC Club and First Ave. The Fargo Forum reports that the club, which has seen everyone from Yo La Tengo to Fugazi peform, officially closes on May 22. For many new Twin Cities bands, Moorhead will no longer be the first show they play outside the 494/694 loop.

Best. Strib. Correction. Ever.

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